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When it comes to zoos in Los Cristianos we are blessed with two really close to us. The Monkey Park, just on th eoutskirts of Los Cristianos and the Jungle Park at only 10 minutes by car.

Personally of all the zoos Los Cristianos my favourite is the Jungle Park. The park is located in Chayofa, a town very close to Los Cristianos and it makes for a great day out.

Its main attraction is its large collection of exotic birds. From eagles to parrots and incuding a selection of birds from Africa that are very rarely seen in zoos. At various times during the day they have their bird show. In the show they let their various species of birds fly freely. When the eagles are let go you can see them catch one of the many abundant thermals and they disappear off to incredible heights. Later, when they have reached enough height the falconer calls them and with incredible speed they drop out of the sky to catch the food offered to them.

During the show various types of bird are set free to walk among the crowd. I recommend that if you have childre with you you sit close to the front as the bird keeper will gve them food to feed to the birds. It is an amazing experience to be able to give food to these impressive creatures.

The last bird to appear in the show is the largest fying bird in the world. It really blows the mind to watch this enormous bird fly.

The whole interior of the park is designed to appear like your are actually in the jungle. Apart from the selection of birds that they have you can also see white tigers and lions, leopards and other big cats. If you like more adventure you can climb the obstacle course, Jungle Raid. It is around 300 metres long. The bobsleigh ride is also worth a go. It is really fast and really quite exilerating. The only way of controlling yourself is with the brake, and you wont use that much!!

The other zoo in Los Cristianos is the Monkey Park. As its name suggests, it is zoo dedicated to monkeys. Inside they have a huge selection of species from around the world from little titi monkeys to chimpazees. The best bit about the park are the walkthrough monkey cages. It is amazing fun. At the entrance you can buy monkey food to take with you and give to them once you are inside. But be warned, if you have any other food in your pocket, they will find it!

It's a really fun day out in the Monkey Park, it's fantastic value at only 10€. The chimanzees will put on a show for a piece of banana!

You can buy your tickets at any excursion shop in Los Cristianos or you can wait till you get there. Enjoy you r stay and visit the zoos Los Cristianos.

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