Wok Restaurants in Los Cristianos

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There are various Wok restaurants in Los Cristianos. Chinese wok style food has always been popular and more so now that many of these restaurants offer all you can eat buffets.

The Wok restaurants in Los Cristianos are the most popular restaurants in the town. Chinese food is popular because of its great taste and nutrition, add to this the very cheap prices and wok style restaurants have grown in popularity in recent years.

Woks are a Chinese style pan where food is cooked with a small amount of very hot oil. The result is food cooked to perfection, with crunchy vegetables; a very healthy option.

The idea is very simple. You pay a set price for all you can eat. For example in the Wok Buffet Libre, in Los Cristianos you pay 8, 50? and can go back for more food as many times as you want. The food is replaced frequently so it is always fresh. In another place you will find the Mongolian BBQ restaurant; a wok restaurant with a twist as it offers Mongolian food.

The restaurants offer cold and hot starters from the buffet just get a plate and serve yourself. Once you?ve had your fill of starters go for your main dish. In most of the restaurants you can chose your meat and vegetables as well as the sauce you want with them.

You then take all this to the chef who will cook it there and then, right before your eyes in his piping hot wok. After, if you still have room for it, there are deserts too. They tend to be simple, ice-cream, yogurts and sometimes some homemade desserts too. And don?t worry, you don?t need to eat it all with chopsticks, they have normal cutlery too. But, that said, it?s fun to see your friends make a mess of everything trying to eat with chopsticks.

Most of the restaurants offer sushi as a starter too. They always prepare this fresh in front of you. But to be honest, if you really want to eat sushi the best thing is to go to a restaurant specializing in this.

Of course, this is just a guide. If you want to start with desert and work backwards, then go ahead. There is no limit or order in these restaurants. Drinks are paid separately and to be honest the prices can be slightly higher than in other places, but they are never a rip off.

Eating in a wok can be rather cheap if you are in a group or if you have teenagers that eat like horses. They can fill up without emptying your pocket. The only inconvenient aspect of this type of places is that they don?t offer any other kind of food; if you don?t like Chinese food, there?s nothing else on offer.

If you?ve never tried a wok restaurant, or if there aren?t any in your town, then you must try one while you are here. Don?t miss the chance to eat in a wok restaurant in Los Cristianos.


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