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Here?s some interesting information about holidays and festivals in Los Cristianos. We celebrate many national fiestas here in Los Cristianos, but apart from the national holidays there are also many local ones that we celebrate here in the town.

The most known festivals in Los Cristianos are the national ones, ones that are held all over Spain. For example Easter (April), the Lord?s epiphany (6th of January), Christmas (25th of December) or the Day of the Worker (1st of May). We don?t really need to say much about any of these as everybody here in Spain and the rest of the world knows all about them.

On top of these there are some holidays that we celebrate in all the Islands, like for example the Day of the Canaries (30th of May). On this day everyone in all the towns, including Los Cristianos, walks around in their traditional dress. The island dwellers are very proud of their past and really enjoy this day.

On the 2nd of February Tenerife has an island wide holiday to celebrate the day of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, the patron saint of the Canary Islands. In the town La Candelaria, that has a basilica named after the virgin they hold a festival in her honour. Supposedly the Virgin Mary appeared on the island of Tenerife to two of the old residents, the Guanches.

As a municipality we celebrate Carnival Tuesday in February and the day of the Santísimo Cristo de la Salud (Day of the Holy Health Christ) in October.

Apart from the aforementioned holidays, we have other ones that we celebrate in Los Cristianos. For example the Son Latinos festival held the last weekend of every August. Son Latinos is held on the Las Vistas beach, nearly 35000 people come every year for 10 hours of nonstop Latin music on the beach.

Los Cristianos is a very popular destination to welcome in the New Year. Every December tens of thousands of visitors come to spend this special night next to the sea. There is a party in the church square and a fire work display from the Los Cristianos Port that is rivalled by none.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is famous for the Carnival hold there every February. It is a festival of colour and music that is said to be better than the one held in Rio de Janeiro. The following week a carnival is held in Los Cristianos. The procession covers the whole town and the party lasts nearly a whole week. The week long party ends with burying the sardine.

And this is without taking into account the sporadic parties that are held in the church square in Los Cristianos.

If you leave the town of Los Cristianos and travel to other towns on the islands you will see that they all have their own festivals and holidays. Most of them are religious based. In these town holidays there are processions with music, food and drink for the revellers, including local wine from the region. The most well known is the Romería de Guía de Isora. Thousands of people gather for the party, to have a great time.

So as you see there is no lack of holidays and parties in Los Cristianos look at the list on the left for more information about each one, I?m actually surprised we have time to work!


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