Whales and Dolphins Los Cristianos

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Going to see the whales and dolphins os Cristianos is one of the excursions that we recommend you do not miss out of your holiday agenda. There is nothing nicer than sailing in a boat over crystal waters watching these amazing creatures in thir natural habitat.

We have various option as to boats to see the whales and dolphins Los Cristianos. All of the excursions leave from one of the four major ports in the south of Tenerife, Las Galetas, San Miguel, Los Cristianos and Puerto Colon. There are various different types of boats available to choose from depending on whay suits you. There are glass bottomed boats like the Roya Delfin, pirate ships like the Peter Pan and catamarans like the Must Cat. All the prices vary depending on the boat and the services offered, the most economic costing around 12€ to the most expensive at nearly 60€ per person. You can opt for a short trip of 2 o r 3 hours without lunch, or a longer 5 hour trip that will often include lunch and a snorkeling stop.

The sea around the canaries is more than often calm without many big waves. If conditions are not right the boats won't go out. If you feel a little nauseous you can buy ante sickness tablets (anti-mareo in spanish) from the pharmacy before going on. The crew in the boats tend to be really helpful and look after ill passengers really well, offering water and sick bags. This however doesn't tend to be a problem except for the most vunerable people because the calm sea waters of the canaries are a wonderful place to sail.

If you decide that a boat trip to see the whales and dolphins is for you we recommend that you take your swimming gear, a hat and of course sun cream. The sun in the canary islands is very strong and it is so easy to burn when you are on the boat. The cooling sea breeze can be very nice on your skin and fool you into thinking your are not burning, but you will burn just the same. Added to the fact that the suns UV rays will reflect up off the sea make it doubly easy to burn.

All of the excurxions by boat guarantee that you will see whales. The calderon whales that live off the coasts of Tenerife and La Gomera are always around. Dolphins often pass by and can be seen less frequently. It has been known on rare ocacsions to see larger whales and even sharks on these expeditions. Even if you are not a great animal lover it is a great day out to see the whales and dolphins Los Cristianos.


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